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Rainy day? Add a little sunshine! — February 28, 2015

Rainy day? Add a little sunshine!

The weather here in Florida can be a little surprising to those that don’t live here. I find that people expect it to be sunny all the time. While we do get a lot of sunny days, it rains fairly often here this time of year. Sometimes those dreary, wet days can really bring you down. I think that’s the perfect time to add a little sunshine into your makeup look. I love adding in some fun, bright colors on these days for a quick pick me up!

This time I decided to use yellow to compensate for my missing sunshine. This is what I came up with.


I started out with my favorite drugstore foundation, Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade 130 to help even out my skin. To hide my under eye circles and highlight a bit, I used LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer in natural. Next, I used my Mally shadow stick in Trailblazing Brown to do some light contouring. (I know it sounds strange, but this is one of my favorite things to do, because it’s super quick and easy.)

Then to give my face a little life, I added some Benefit Watts Up and Mac sheertone blush in Spring Sheen. I used NYC smooth skin translucent powder and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil to set my highlight and contour. For some added color, I used just a tad Wet n Wild color icon bronzer in Ticket to Brazil. I topped it off with ELF cosmetics mineral eyeshadow in Golden across my cheekbones for a subtle glow.

photo (2)


Brows I just quickly filled in with my Anastasia brow wiz.

I also used my Anastasia contour kit to highlight my brow bone and add some depth to my crease. I finally got to use my other shade of Sally Girl eyeshadow (Your Majesty) on my lids.


I added some LA Colors liquid eyeliner in brown (even though it looks black in the photo) and some Loreal Voluminous False Lash fibers mascara to prep for falsies.

Finally, I added (the best part!) false lashes. These are from Lash Closet. They are Ardell 203s and Red Cherry 747L stacked. (What can I say? I’m definitely a dramatic lash kind of girl!)

I really hope you guys try something similar on your next rainy day!

Review: Sally Girl Bright Mascara in Blue — February 27, 2015

Review: Sally Girl Bright Mascara in Blue

Alright, you all know I bought some stuff from Sally’s Beauty Supply the other day. I finally got around to trying the blue mascara.


I grabbed a quick shot of the wand, too, even though it’s just a typical wand. Not surprising, since the price point of $.99 is so good.


Initially, I found the formula a tad dry. I wasn’t too upset, though.

This is what it looks like from a normal selfie distance away.

photo 1

As you can see, it’s only slightly noticeable. This is three fairly heavy coats. It started getting hard to build up after the second coat. I was afraid to build it up anymore, since I thought it might get too spidery for my taste.

photo 1(2)

There’s what it looks like up close. There’s little to no lengthening factor, and only a slight bit of volumizing. I ended up wearing it for the full day, and others did seem to notice it. I paired it with just some Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch and Nars blush in Orgasm.

photo 2

All in all, I think this mascara is fun for a change of routine, but I will not be repurchasing.

Get to know me tag — February 26, 2015

Get to know me tag

So, since my blog is new, I thought I would take the time to do this get to know me tag to give you all the chance to do just that. Let’s jump right in!

  • Do you have a middle name? Yep. It’s Leigh.
  • What was your favorite subject in school? Ummm… It has been a long time but probably anything math related.
  • What’s your favorite drink? Coffee. Or Redbull. Or Coffee. I guess it’s a toss up.
  • What’s your favorite song of the moment? This.
  • What would you name your children? Well, I have a five-year-old boy named Aidan, so that.
  • Do you participate in any sports? Not currently.
  • What’s your favorite book? This one is hard. I’m a big reader, so I love a lot of books. Current is probably Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. All time is The Giver by Lois Lowry.
  • Favorite color? Pink. Or glitter. Does that count?
  • Favorite animal? Frogs. But not real ones. I collect figurines of them though.
  • Favorite perfume? The original Chloe perfume.
  • Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving.
  • Have you graduated high school? Yes.
  • Have you been out of the country? Yes, I’ve been to Mexico and the Bahamas.
  • Do you speak any other languages? No. I understand some okay, but that’s about it.
  • Do you have any siblings? Ha! I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers.
  • What’s your favorite store? Sephora
  • What’s your favorite restaurant? Hmmm…. don’t know. Depends on my mood I guess.
  • Do you like school? Yes.
  • Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? KathleenLights, Leighannsays, Nicole Guerriero
  • What’s your favorite movie? Amelie
  • What are some of your favorite tv shows? ThAffair, Nurse Jackie, Pretty Little Liars
  • PC or Mac? PC, but not against changing
  • How tall are you? 5’6″
  • Any pets? Nope.

Well, that’s it. If you have any particular questions, feel free to ask. And I’d love to know your answers to these, too! Have a great day!

This or that: Beauty Edition —

This or that: Beauty Edition


Blush or Bronzer?

Bronzer… definitely bronzer. Despite living in good old sunny Florida, it IS still winter here, so I’m ultra pale.

Lip gloss or Lipstick?

Lipstick. A couple of years ago, I might have said lip gloss. Now I’m a lipstick addict.

Eyeliner or Mascara?

Ahhh! I hate this one. I guess mascara. I would miss eyeliner, but without mascara, I would feel naked.

Foundation or Concealer?

Concealer. I’d rather be able to cover imperfections and dark circles.

Neutral or color eyeshadow?

Neutral I guess. I would miss the fun of colors, but I think I would miss neutrals more.

Brushes or Sponges?

Brushes. No question. I would miss my beauty blender, but I couldn’t live without my brushes.


OPI or China Glaze?

OPI. I feel like it lasts longer on my nails.

Long or Short?

Depends on my mood and what color I’m wearing. I tend to wear more classic shades on my nails when they’re long, and more fun and bright shades on my nails when they are on the short side. I guess short.

Acrylic or Natural?

Natural. Acrylics ruined my nails in the past, and I’d rather not go through that again.

Brights or Darks?

Depends on my mood and the season. If I had to choose, bright.


Perfume or Body Spray?

Perfume. I feel like this isn’t even a real question.

Lotion or Body Butter?

Body Butter. I appreciate the richer, more luxurious feel of it.

Body Wash or Soap?

Body wash. Bar soap kind of creeps me out honestly.

Lush or Other Body Store?

Lush. Always Lush.


Jeans or Sweatpants?

Jeans. You can be casual or really put together in jeans. It’s kind of hard to dress up sweats.

Long Sleeved or Short?

Short. I live in Florida, so I feel like no further discussion is needed.

Dresses or Skirts?

Skirts allow for more diversity.

Stripes or Plaid?

Plaid. Stripes can be very unforgiving.

Flip Flops or Sandals?

Sandals. I know it may seem weird, and don’t get me wrong, I do love my flip flops, but I find sandals in WAY cuter styles.

Scarves or Hats?

Scarves. I have WAY too much hair, so I always feel silly looking in hats.

Studs or Dangly Earrings?

Dangly. More fun.

Necklaces or Bracelets?

Bracelets can get in my way sometimes, so necklaces.


Curly or Straight?

Curly. I love my flat iron like family, but if I could never curl my hair again, I might cry.

Bun or Ponytail?

Bun. I love a good bun.

Long or Short?

Long. I don’t care that it is more work.

Light or Dark?

Dark. I’ve been both, but I prefer dark these days.

Side Swept or Full Bangs?

Side swept. Full bangs take forever to grow out if you change your mind.

Up or Down?

Up. More possibilities.

Loving these new Sally Girl eyeshadows lately! — February 24, 2015

Loving these new Sally Girl eyeshadows lately!

A few days ago, I bought a Sally Girl eyeshadow on a whim when I stopped by Sally Beauty Supply to pick up some new lashes. I completely fell in love with it. It was labeled a magic eyeshadow in the shade Bewitched.

It is hard to capture on film, but it is definitely beautiful. So, of course, I had to immediately run out and pick up some more of their products. 

I got some colored mascara for fun and two shades of baked eyeshadows.

The mascaras are in the shades green, purple and blue. The eyeshadows are in the shades Brick House and Your Majesty. Today I wore Brick House.

I’m so excited to see what I come up with using the rest of these goodies!

The best part? Only $.99 each!

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