Ever feel like you need a little bit more sparkle in your life? There are so many ways you can incorporate glitter into your makeup looks. I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to use glitter. You can either do either do these for a more fun, special occasion look, or, if you’re brave enough, rock them for an every day look.

One of my favorite ways to wear glitter is on your lips. Your can either just wear it all over, of make simple patterns. Here are some examples I’ve done up for you guys.

photo(1) photo(2) photo

Another great way to incorporate some sparkle is to put some well placed glitter shapes. This can pretty much work with any shape, but here I’ve just done some simple hearts near my eye.


One of my favorite uses of glitter is to pop some on my eyelids, for a dramatic, fun look. You can choose from so many colors out there, you can pretty much create anything you want.

photo(4)photo(5) photo

Finally, if the thought of all that glitter is just to much for you, it’s easy to create your own glitter liner. For beginners, I’ve found it easier to use on your lower lash line. I’ve shown it used here on both the upper and lower lash lines, so you can see the difference.

photo(6) photo(9)

A couple things to note: You should use cosmetic grade glitter. You can seriously scratch your eyes if you are just using whatever glitter you pick up at your local craft store. Glitter can be difficult to work with. You will probably need a glitter glue. My favorite is from ELF cosmetics, since it runs for $2. Also, I always do my makeup before dressing, since there can be a TON of fallout. Just remember, it takes practice, but it’ll be worth it in the long run! See you guys on Saturday!