Happy Mani Monday! For today, I decided to use those nail wraps I picked up in my mini haul I did a couple of weeks ago.

These wraps are Kiss Nail Dress Ultimate Nail Fashion in Eyelet. They seem to be pretty good at varying in size. This particular package included enough for two manicures, and even included some for your toes (which I did not try).

They were easy enough to apply, but I did have some problems with bubbling. Also, once the package was opened, the wraps don’t seem to want to stick as well later. I’d suggest applying a package when you have a friend with you, that way the remaining wraps aren’t wasted. Maybe putting them in a ziplock bag would help.

All in all, they were a very good deal, and way easier than hand painting such an elaborate design, so they were worth it.


See you guys tomorrow with my morning skin care routine!

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