Recently, Amazing Cosmetics sent me some of their Amazing Concealer to try. I thought I’d do a quick review for you guys.


Here’s what their website has to say about the product:


First, lets address each of the claims.

  • Full coverage: Without question. It takes the smallest amount to cover any discolorations or blemishes.
  • Waterproof: I tried this on a rainy day while walking around NYC, and had absolutely no problems. I also didn’t notice any problems wearing this out in the sun all day.
  • All skin imperfections disappear: While I don’t currently have any awful breakouts happening, I do have one small pimple and some discoloration that Amazing Concealer covered beautifully.
  • Natural looking: I found this best works using either a damp beauty blender or my fingers. It just seems to blend better. You do end up with a fairly natural looking finish for how much coverage this provides. It’s definite;y not at all cakey.
  • Dark circles coverage: Great. I did set it with a powder (which I would normally do anyway), and had little to no creasing.

Amazing Concealer retails for $42 for 0.5 oz. You can also purchase A Little Amazing Concealer for $28 for 0.2 oz. They are both available in 2o shades, which is definitely more than your average concealer.

All in all, definitely worth the investment. Since I’ve started testing it, my other concealers have stayed in their drawer.

Here are a couple of pictures so you guys can see how the coverage is compared to my other go to concealers:


Let me know if any of you have tried this concealer and how you’ve used it.

See you guys Thursday with some details on my current go-to everyday look lately.

Amazing Cosmetics sent me this product to review. I received no compensation for this, and these are my honest and true opinions.