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Now you’ll finally get to see what the cut up t-shirt thing is all about. All you will need for this hair project is a 100% cotton t-shirt cut into about 1-inch by 8 inch strips and a spray bottle filled with water.

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So, first you’ll want to take locks of hair and simply spray them a littel with your water. Then, wrap them around your fingers. The more fingers you use, the larger the curl will be. You might have to play with sizes until you find out what works best for you. I typically use two or three. Here I used two throughout.

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Next, simply slide a t-shirt strip through the loop of hair, and tie it off.

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Repeat until your whole head is done, and you look somewhat crazy like this.

Now, typically, I sleep with these in. It is super comfortable. I have tried leaving them in for only about three hours, though. It does work, but your curls might not hold up as long.

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This is how my hair looks when I first untie and remove the strips. It’s a little too separated for the look I’m trying to achieve today, so I sort of fluff it a bit and run my fingers through it a couple of times.

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And that’s it. Super easy, heat free, product free, long lasting curls!

You can even rock these the next day, if you put your hair in a very loose bun that night while sleeping.

See you guys Saturday!

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