Okay. Today I am skipping over the usual makeup look post, because I had something serious I wanted to talk to you guys about.

First of all, have you seen this? If not, watch it now.

So this video that Amy Schumer did really brought to the surface a lot of stuff for me.

Look, whether you wear makeup or not, who cares? If you are comfortable, then that’s what matters. You like to go bare faced? You go girl! You prefer a more made up look? Power to you!

The problem is when we start shaming those around us. I mean, come on guys, is someones lack of or excess of makeup really hurting you? I think not. We should be building each other up, not tearing one another down.

And believe me, I hear it, too. I have had people comment on my instagram that I wear too much makeup, that I shouldn’t wear makeup to please others. Two things strike me as odd about that. First of all, you are looking at a user name called Makeup_By_Amy_Perrone. did you really think this was going to be an instagram account that showed a bunch of bare faced people?

Second, how do you know I wear makeup to please others? Because guess what? i don’t. Makeup is something fun for me, something I love doing. I don’t put makeup on to please other people, I put makeup on because I enjoy it.

Anyway, sorry about this little rant. I just want everybody to be a little more positive and a little more accepting in the future.

See you guys Monday for Mani Monday!