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While browsing in Five Below, I came across City Color All-Set Setting Spray with Silica. I’m always on the lookout for bargain products as well as setting sprays, so I picked it up for testing and reviewing. It was only $4!

So, I have used it for about a month now, and I have to say, for the price I’m impressed. However, if I had to pay very much more, I probably wouldn’t be.

First of all, this is more of a dewy finish. So, if you are at all oily, you might not like this. I am oily, but it didn’t bother me too much. I did have to blot through out the day though.

As far as staying power, this works. My makeup does seem to last longer.

One tip: Apply this before mascara. Trust me. If you don’t, you might end up with raccoon eyes that are really difficult to fix.

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If you are looking for something more matte, or with a more heavy duty staying power, I can definitely recommend Model in a Bottle.

I will see you guys Saturday with a makeup look!