So I’m sure some of you have heard of “baking” or “cooking” your makeup. But for those of you who haven’t read along and you might find out something cool.

So, baking your makeup can be a cool trick with some great benefits. First, it can actually provide a little bit heavier of coverage than your foundation or concealer might usually provide. Second, it an actually help your makeup look better. While the product is sitting on your skin, it can actually blend with your natural oils. This means it will not break down or oxidize as much later.

So, I did a little pictorial to show you how to do it.


This is my makeup-less face. The only thing on my face is some moisturizer and primer.


Here I’ve roughly stippled some foundation on without blending whatsoever.


Here I’ve added some Nars creamy concealer in Custard to highlight.


Now I’ve added some cream blush.


And now some liquid highlighter.

Now you just wait for 5-10 minutes. I usually take this time to do my brows or a few dishes or something.

Then just take your damp beauty blender to blend everything out. Make sure to use some powder to set and finish the rest of your routine.


I will see you guys Saturday with a new Face of the Day post.