Happy Mani Monday! I have to tell you all something. I saw this cream nail polish sitting on the shelf, and thought, ‘Oooh! How pretty!’ Then I picked it up to read the name and saw it was called Biscuits and had to get it because that name is too cute! So then I saw this orange-y type glitter and thought it would look good with Biscuits. When I read the glitters shade name I almost died laughing. It’s called Honey! How perfect is that? Biscuits and Honey! 🍞🍯

So this is two coats of Biscuits from Floss Gloss on my pinky, middle and pointer fingers. Then I just put 3 coats of Honey from Floss Gloss on my ring fingers and thumbs! 

That’s it everyone! See you all tomorrow with a review on a new product from my skin care routine! 💋

This is not a sponsored post. These opinions are all my own, as always.  I am not affiliated with any product or brand mentioned above.