Hey everyone! So I spotted these at work the other day and had to have them. They are marketed as a water proof cream eyeshadow. I decided it would be a good thing to test out for you all. 


So, the sort of neutral one (Naked) apparently can also be used as a concealer. This will obviously only work if it’s the right color for you. The other one (Sunset) I bout because I loved the depth of color. Some pinkie-orangie-goldie tones to this were exactly what I wanted. I can tell you from experience with Sunset, you will mostly only see the gold on your lids. That was kind of disappointing. 

Anyway, on to the test. 

Here I’ve just swatched both colors. No primer, so setting spray. Just straight out of the jar. 

 Here, I’ve run warm water on full blast out of my kitchen sink. As you can see, they product didn’t move. As a matter of fact, the water beaded up where there was Eye Silk. 

This was after I dabbed it dry with a paper towel. Product is still intact. 


This was after running it with a towel, as opposed to dabbing. Still looking good, right?

I’d say these do hold up to the test. I really love Naked. I use it as an eye primer a lot lately, and I feel like my shadows last really well. Like I said above, Sunset was a little disappointing color wise. I still use it however. 

I will see you guys Saturday with a blue toned Face of the Day post! 💋

Not a sponsored post. As always all opinions are my own.