Hey everyone! So you might know this already, but I got this baby in my Build Your Own Box for the month of August. You can see what else I got here

I actually got to use this only twice. But I have crazy (and I do mean C-R-A-Z-Y!) amounts of hair. It’s pretty long, and ultra thick, so most hair products don’t last me long. Usually with travel size things in lucky if I can get one use out of it. I’d guess the average person could get at least four uses out of this size. 

So first off, when I opened this, I started drooling. It smells so good, it makes me want to eat it. That’s pretty typical for Macadamia products, though. 

So, when you use this, it’s super easy to work through your hair. Some hair masks are almost to thick to work into your hair, but this one was just the right consistency. 

I actually left this one on for more like an hour. I watched an episode of Prison Break (Michael Scofield, I melt every time your eyes get all intense!) on Netflix. 

When I rinsed it out, the result was nice. My hair felt extra moisturized and not too greasy. It also didn’t feel weighed down like I notice sometimes after a hair mask. 

Overall, great product. Definitely worth checking out! 

I’ll see you all Thursday with another product review! 💋
This product was given to me free from my employer, Birchbox. This in no way affects my opinion. As always, all opinions are my own.