Hey! So, if you read my September Favorites, you know I’ve been loving Ben Nye’s Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer. I’ve been testing this a couple of times a week for about a month now. 

When you first apply this, there is a minty fresh feeling. It’s very cooling and sort of wakes you up. There is also a slight “tightening” feeling, kind of like your makeup might crack if you move a muscle, but that feeling goes away very quickly. 

I tested this both on days where I was in heat and humidity constantly, and on days where I was in and out of air conditioning. I’d say overall you might have to blot once or twice throughout the day (even if you’re crazy oily like me) but your makeup isn’t budging. I also suffer from crazy watery eyes and my under eye concealer didn’t budge. 

I have a couple of suggestions when using this product. First, make sure your makeup is completely done before you spray this. Trust me, there will be no going back and blending after you apply it. Second, which might seem contradictory to the first suggestion, you might want to apply false lashes after spraying this. Because it does have a sticky feel at first, your falsies might stick to your realsies, which might be painful when you remove them. 

The price point in this is really good, too. I know you can pick up a 2 ounce bottle at Ricky’s New York for $9.99. 

Overall, I definitely recommend this! That’s it for today! See you Saturday with an exciting Face of the Day post! 💋
This is not a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own.