Hey! So starting today, each weeks Face of the Day post will be a quick and easy makeup look you can use for Halloween. Today’s look pretty much uses things you probably already have at home, plus one thing you might not. I’ll try to give you some alternatives for products you can use also. 

I was really inspired by the makeup on the show The 100. The grounded look always really caught my eye. For this look, I used a picture of Octavia. I know, I know. She’s not technically a grounder, but her look quickly evolved to be more like a grounder after she met Lincoln. 

Anyway, here is what I came up with:


I used just a bit of Maybelline Fut Me stick foundation to even out my complexion. You can used whatever foundation you like, just keep in mind you will be covering a lot of it up, so you only need a little bit. 

I then used my Anastasia contour kit to alter some of my features. I added a much deeper dimple to my chin, to match Octavia’s. I also added a bit more definition to my nose and cheekbones. Yo can to his with pretty much and cooler toned bronzer or a foundation or powder a few shades darker than your usual color. 

I then filled in my brows with my Anastasia brow wiz and slightly altered the shape. You can do this with whatever brow products you usually use. 

I put some Fresh Sugar lip treatment in RosĂ© for just a slightly more pink tone than my normal lip color. 

Now on to the fun part: basically I just scribbled a bunch of Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Enchanting Body Crayon in Black near and around each eye. You could also used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in black or any other eyeshadow stick or cream shadow in black. Then I just went old school and used my fingers to smear the product around until I liked it. 

I finished it off with Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus mascara, but obviously you can use whatever. I also just dabbed the tiniest amount of Wet n Wild lipstick in Dollhouse Pink in the center of my lips. 

That’s pretty much it! I will see you for Mani Monday! đź’‹
The Wet n Wild products were sent to me for review. This is not a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own