Hey! It’s time again for monthly favorites! Here’s what I’ve been obsessing over this month! 

NARS Dolce Vita blush: I seriously cannot stop wearing this! It’s the perfect flattering shade for me during this strangely warm winter. Here’s a swatch:

Violet Voss Glitter in Venus: you know I’m absolutely obsessed with these glitters. You’ll probably see them popping up on my favorites for a long time.   
This on is silver with a holographic look. It’s sort of shoots rainbow color when light hits it.  
  NARS lipstick in Mayflower: my perfect everyday lip. Also feels really smooth  and hydrating when applied. 


Here’s a swatch for you.   
Beauty Protector Protevt &Detangle: this smells so yummy!!! It’s also rehydrates and  detangles perfectly.  

Simon: if you’re old like me you totally remember this. I picked one up at a local electronics store and cannot stop playing it!  

 3rd Rock From the Song: totally binge worthy. I forgot how funny this was.  
Childhood’s End: this was surprisingly good considering it as in Syfy. I was super sad to see it end. 

My Aidan opening his Christmas gifts: of course this was my favorite moment!  

 Incarceron by Catherine Fisher: couldn’t put this book down! Great read! 

Biscoff: all I can say is Yummy!!! Try them! Right now!  
 Deco Miami Nail Lacquer in Nip Slip: super cute packaging! Look at it!!! 
Here is the bottle.   
 Here’s what it look like on!  
 And Then There Were None: this was a favorite book of mine growing up, so when I saw there was a mini series, I got super excited! It ended up being very good!  
And that’s all this month! I’ll see you Saturday with a Face of the Day post! šŸ’‹ 
This is not a sponsored post. As always, all opinions stated within are my own.