Look what I got!!! My amazing little sister picked this up for me while she was visiting my here in New York. Is t she the best? She knew I had been trying to get my hands on it, and since we saw it she got it for me!

  Here’s what the colors look like inside. I was immediately attracted to all the warm shades when this released. I was especially excited to see the oranges, since I’m constantly in the hunt for a good orange shade. Now on to the swatches! I’ll do them column by column so it’s easier to see. (Oh, and please excuse my goosebumps. It’s been freezing here!)

First column

Second column

Third column

Fourth column 

Fifth column

Sixth column

Seventh column

And that’s it! Amazing right? I’ll see you Saturday with a Face of the Day post!
This is not a sponsored post. As always, any opinions stated in above post are my own.