Hey! It’s time for my March favorites! Let’s jump right in!
Moment: It was Oriana’s birthday this month, my sometimes BFF! She obviously crazy, as you can see in these pictures, but I love her anyway! Happy birthday from the “Lone Perrone”!

Food: So lately, I’ve been incorporating a a couple of vegan meals a week into my diet. I was very excited to find this Soyrizo, and it doesn’t disappoint. 
  Skin: Kopari Coconut Sheer Oil. Coconut in a liquified form. This takes even my waterproof eye makeup off so quick, and leaves my skin feel so nourished. 
Eyes: Malibu Glitz Intense Color Waterproof Eyeliner. I cannot stop wearing this. It’s so waterproof that it even dyes my skin a little. Which is probably my only problem with it.  Here’s a swatch:

  Lips: Kleancolor Kiss For Keeps Liquid Lipstick in Coral. Feels amazing on, lasts forever, and the color is perfect. Here’s a swatch: 


Hair: Goody Spin Pins have been my go to for probably close to a decade. I’m actually obsessed with them. They hold all my crazy thick, long hair up without a headache or putting that annoying ripple in your hair like hair ties do. I recently lost mine and had to replace them, and the few days I went without we’re just plain miserable. 

Jewelry: I grabbed both of the necklaces from Forever 21. I like to wear them together and it helps me feel pulled together without any effort. 

Show: ABC’s The Family. Intrigue, mystery, drama. Cannot wait to see how this all turns out. 

Song: Dark Dark Dark’s In Your Dreams. Haunting. Beautiful. I found this by watching a BBC miniseries called Thirteen, which has a similar premise as The Family. Check it out!
  Book: Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza. This is my second go around with this book, and it’s just as good this time. 
I’ll see you Thursday with a new post. 

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