Concealer wardrobing (aka color correcting) is kind of a buzz word lately. I thought I’d break it down for you a bit today.  

So, first off, the most important thing to keep in mind is the color wheel you probably remember from even your youngest years in art class. Mostly you just need to know that colors opposite each other will sort of cancel out. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the texture of you concealer. Something super dry might not work under you eyes, for example. 

Also, no that some instances may be benefited more by using a tinted primer, than just a concealer. For instance, sunburn or just general all over redness would benefit from a green primer. 

Green: as mentioned, this works to cancel out redness. Really nice for pimples, redness around the nose. 

Purple: works to cancel out yellow tones. This can work really well for old bruises that are that funky yellow color. 

Yellow: works to cancel out purple and blue shades. Great for bruises and under eye circles that leave you looking like an extra from The Walking Dead. S

Orange: basically works the same as yellow, but better for darker skin tones. 

Pink: (although more peach or salmon toned usually) works to cancel out blue/green/yellow undertones. Perfect for brightening the under eye area. 

White: while most people think they will end up looking like a ghost, this can be great for brightening. Just be careful to only use it on areas you would use a highlighter, or beware. 

Neutral: basic of the basic. You probably have great skin with minor imperfections. Best for minor discoloration and the occasional breakout. 

And it’s really that simple. I’ll see you Thursday! 
This is not a sponsored post. As always, any opinions stated in above post are my own.