Hey! Sometimes when I’m rocking a glitter lip, a lot of people will stop me on the street and ask me how I did it. Today I thought maybe I’d share a couple of tips and some of my favorite combos for glitter/ shimmer lips. 

First off, do not atempt this for for the first time while in a hurry. You’ll just end up a whole hot mess. 

Secondly, don’t atempt his while wearing wearing whatever outfit you plan on wearing. Trust me on this. 

Okay. So, I’ve found its best to use a liquid lipstick, lipgloss, or at least a lip product that doesn’t dry down super fast. This allows the glitter something to stick to. 

Also, just like using glitter on your eyes, a patting motion works best for less fallout. 

Lastly, this is probably not a lip I would rock when I knew I would be eating or drinking a ton. A dinner date or drinks with your girls could end up looking real strange real quick. Trust me on this one. 

Now. Here’s some of my stranger combos. I also love a red glitter over a red lip, but I figured that’s everywhere. I thought I’d show you some on my more out the combos. 

Violet Voss Liquid Lipstick in Excessive with Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Bittersweet

Maybelline ColorSensational the Elixir Lipgoss in Mauve Mystique with Violet Voss Glitter in Taylor

Violet Voss Liquid Lipstick with Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Violet Winds

Sephora Lipstick in Flamingo with Violet Voss Glitter in Electric Coraline

And that’s all for today! Tag me in pics if you try it out! 

This is not a sponsored post. Some of the items mentioned in the above post may have been sent to me for consideration or given to me as employee gratis. This in no way affects my opinion. As always, any opinions stated above are solely my own.