Hey guys! Since I know that Baby Foot foot Mask had been killing it in online reviews, I thought I’d review a competing brand for you. This one is the Jean Pierre Happy Feet Exfoliating Foot Mask. 

So, basically these are like plastic socks that you tape on with the provided tape. You leave them on for 60-90 minutes, so be prepared to not move, because it’s basically impossible to walk in these. 

During the waiting time, my feet felt very warm, although that could be because they were basically enclosed in a plastic bag. Also, the peppermint scent was very nice. 

Then, you remove the “booties” and rinse you feet. At this point, my feet felt smooth, but super cold. 

The next morning, my feet felt tight, almost like they were a bit swollen from standing all day, but didn’t appear to look any different. 

For the next several days, I pretty much gave up on this working. I didn’t notice any difference in my feet. 

On day 7, I was in for a surprise. I woke up with giant pieces of skin peeling off. Almost like after a bad sunburn, but without any of the pain. The peeled pretty freely on their own for a day of two, and after that, you pretty much have to physically peel the remaining skin yourself. 

Overall, I like this product. I’d considering purchasing it again! 

I’ll see you soon! 
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