Hey guys! So… I tried maybe the weirdest thing I’ve ever tried skincare wise. 

These are Cosrx Blackhead Silk Finger Balls. Essentially, these are silk worm cocoons. 

They contain a natura protein called ceracin, that helps exfoliate dead skin and still keeps skin feeling hydrated. It helps remove excess sebum and blackheads. Also, because it doesn’t contain any chemicals, there’s not really much of a chance of a bad skin reaction. 

One of the best things is how crazy reasonably priced these are. I got this bag for six dollars. The bag contained 12 finger balls, which can each be used two to three times if properly rinsed. I like that I was able to try them without spending a fortune. 

Now, lets jump into how they work. First, you soak a couple of them in warm water for two or three minutes. After that, you pop them on your finger tips and massage them onto your clean, dry skin, concentrating on areas where blackheads are the worst. 

After using these, my skin did feel good. Super smooth and not at all irritated or dry. I did have a small pimple the next morning, but this sometimes happens to me when I exfoliate, since if kind of brings stuff to the surface. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this. They are super fun to use! And my skin really did feel good. 

I’ll see you tomorrow! 
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