Hey guys! Today we’ll be digging through all the products I’ve finished up lately.

Ricky’s NYC Ricky Care Disposable Mascara Wands: just typical ones. Not terrible. Not anything special either.

Acure Mega Moisture Argan Oil and Pumpkin Shampoo: again, okay. Wouldn’t be in a huge hurry to grab more, but not really anything wrong with it.

Estée Lauder Pure Colors Eyeshadow: nice pigmentation. But I have sooooo much stuff already, and new and exciting things are coming out every time I turn around.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir 24k Gold Infused Beauty Oil: I know people are obsessed with this. But for the price, I’ll keep looking.

The Mane Choice Soft as Can Be 3-in-1 Revitalize and Refresh Conditioner: I used this as both a co-wash and a leave in. I really liked how soft my hair was.

Beauty Blender: yep. So sad. I tore it while cleaning it. It’s okay, though, I always have quite a few in rotation!

Yichen Pink Polymer Powder: I like this stuff. I’ll probably try out some other brands, just to test them out, but this was good.

Sinful Colors Sinful Shine Top Coat: I like this a lot. It gives great shine.

Sally Beauty Supply Sally Girl Sparkle Effects Loose Glitter in Blue Lagoon: so pretty, but I’ve found other brands of glitter I prefer.

Morphe E38 Brush: one of my favorites to do my eyeliner or brows with. The brushes started coming loose. I’m just glad I had some more of the exact brush.

Malibu Glitz Intense Colour Waterproof Eyeliner in Hot Pink: so sad this dried up on me. I feel like it’s a had color to find for an eyeliner.

LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Silver Glitter: this also dried up. To be honest though, I don’t feel like I use it much. There a much prettier silver glitter nail polishes out there.

Moroccan Oil Color Continue Shampoo: I really like this. Not enough in the bottle to know if it really did prolong my color, but as usual I’m impressed with Moroccan Oil products.

Frownies Facial Patches for Wrinkles on the Forehead and Between the Eyes: I like these, minus a few things. Sometimes I’d wake up and they wouldn’t even be on my face anymore, they’d be laying in bed next to me. Also, the price. I heard you can use medical tape and get the same effect, but I haven’t tried it. Plus, let’s be honest… they aren’t cute looking if someone is in bed with you!

Klorane Blond-Highlights Shampoo with Chamomile: ehhhhh. I honestly used this to wash my sponges a few times. So I can’t give a true review.

NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Silk: I’m a huge fan of these. Nice for when you need a little sparkle!

LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner in Brown: a decent eyeliner. Nothing special, nothing wrong with it.

LA Girl Liquid Eyeliner in Black: sane deal here, just different color.

Moroccan Oil Color Continue Conditioner: again, I’m usually a big fan of Moroccan Oil products, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Marc Jacobs Decadence: smells great. I just hate these little samples.

LA Splash Cosmetics Lip Couture Waterproof Liquid Lipstick in Criminal: such a pretty color, but dried out on me.

Yichen White Polymer Powder: I was sooooo mad. I dropped this and spilled it everywhere.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliator: I really like this. I over exfoliate sometimes, so this nice and gentle one was great for me.

And that’s all y’all! What did you guys use up that I need in my life? See you soon!

This is not a sponsored post. Some of the items mentioned above may have been sent to me for consideration or given to me as employee gratis. Some may also have been purchased using an affiliate or employee discount. This in no way affects my opinion. As always, any opinions stated above are solely my own.